Clay (Joy) Multi-colored Clay SCL-3005 5 Colors


Clay (Joy) Multi-colored Clay

  •  5 colors
  •  Modeling clay
  •  Non- Toxic
  •  Bright Colors
  •  Re-usable

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This multi-colored clay set is perfect for kids who love to create and learn! The Clay (Joy) Multi-colored Clay set includes five vibrant colors that will inspire little ones to explore their artistic side.

Vibrant Colors: The set includes five bright colors that will make any project pop!
Easy to Mold: This clay is easy to work with, so even young children can create their own masterpieces.

The Clay (Joy) Multi-colored Clay SCL-3005 5 Colors is an excellent way for kids to explore their creativity and improve their fine motor skills. This educational toy provides a fun and engaging way for children of all ages to learn about shapes, colors, and textures while having fun. With no batteries required, this toy will keep your child entertained for hours!

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