Clay (Kid Art) 6 Colors REGULAR in Blister Pack T106B-SF 100g


Clay (Kid Art) 6 Colors REGULAR in Blister Pack T106B-SF 100g

  • Clay
  • Kid art
  • In blister pack
  • 6 colors
  • Regular

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Unleash your child’s creativity with Kidart Clay 6 Colors Neon or Regular in Blister Pack T106Ne-Di 100G. This educational toy is perfect for arts and crafts enthusiasts who want to have fun while learning.

  • Reusable: Kidart Clay is designed to be used again and again, so your child can create as many masterpieces as they like.
  • Non drying: Unlike other types of clay, Kidart Clay won’t dry out so your child can take their time perfecting their creations.
  • Easy Modeling:Kid Art’s soft and pliable texture makes it easy for little hands to mold into shapes.

The bright neon or regular colors are sure to inspire creativity in every young artist. This toy is great for solo playtime at home, or a fun activity at a party with friends.

Incorporating art into education has never been easier with the wonderful features of this product that will enhance the creative skillset of every growing mind while having loads of fun! Get yours now!

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