Helix Oxford Math Set


Helix Oxford Math Set

  • Mathematical Instrument
  • Includes:  Eraser, Ruler, Sharpener, Protractor, Ruler,  2 Compass, 2 triangular rulers

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The Helix Oxford Mathematical Set is the perfect tool for students and professionals alike who need precise and accurate measurements for their work.

  • High-quality materials: Each piece in this set is made from durable metal that can withstand daily use.
  • Comprehensive set: This mathematical set includes a compass, ruler, protractor, set squares and other measuring tools you need to solve any mathematical problem.

The compass has a smooth mechanism that allows you to create circles with ease. The ruler has both imperial and metric measurements. The protractor enables accurate angle measurement, while the two sets of squares allow you to draw perpendicular lines with precision.

This Helix Oxford Mathematical Set comes in a sturdy case making it easy to store or transport it wherever you go. It’s perfect for students taking math classes or professionals who need precise measurements in their work environment.


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