Chalk (Joy) Dustless White Chalk | Colored Chalk JC-W100 100 pcs


Chalk (Joy) Dustless White Chalk JC-W100 100 pcs

  • White chalk
  • Joy
  • Dustless
  • 100 pcs.

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The Joy Dustless White Chalk is perfect for any office, classroom, or workspace. With its dustless formula, you won’t have to worry about messy chalk residue on your hands or desk.

Key Features:

  • Dustless formula
  • High-quality white chalk
  • Available in a big box with either 50 or 100 pieces

This chalk is perfect for writing on blackboards and other surfaces. Its high-quality white composition ensures that your writing will be visible and clear.

Pick up a box of Joy Dustless White Chalk today and experience the convenience of dust-free writing!

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White chalk, Colored Chalk


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