Safety Pins Silver #4


Safety Pins Silver #5

  • 1 Set 10 pcs
  • Size: Large
  • Silver

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Safety Pins Silver #4

  • 1 Set 10 pcs
  • Size: Large
  • Silver

This set of high-quality Safety Pins Silver No.4 is a must-have for any Muslim woman’s accessory collection.

  • 10 pieces in each set
  • Large size for easy use
  • Silver color adds elegance to your hijab style

These hijab pins are perfect for securing your hijab in place without damaging the delicate fabric. The large size is ideal for women who prefer thicker fabrics or want to create a more dramatic look with their hijabs.

The silver color of these pins adds an elegant touch to any outfit and complements a wide range of colors and styles. Plus, with ten pieces in each set, you’ll always have plenty of pins on hand when you need them.

Invest in these high-quality Safety Pins Silver No.4 today and elevate your Muslim fashion game!

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