Pencil (Colleen) Drawing Pencil 3B | 2H | HB


Pencil (Colleen) Drawing Pencil 3B | 2H |HB

  • Drawing Pencil
  • Colleen
  • 3B | 2H | HB

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Pencil (Colleen) Drawing Pencil 3B | 2H |HB

  • Drawing Pencil
  • Colleen
  • 3B | 2H | HB

This Colleen Drawing Pencil set includes three different types of lead hardness: 2H, HB, and 3B. It is an essential tool for artists and students alike.

  • 2H: This hard lead is perfect for technical drawings or light sketching.
  • HB: The medium hardness of this lead makes it versatile for both drawing and writing.
  • 3B: The softness of this lead allows for darker shading and more expressive drawing techniques.

Made by Colleen, a trusted name in writing and correction tools, these pencils are high-quality with smooth leads that produce crisp lines. They are easy to sharpen to a fine point using any standard pencil sharpener.

This set is great value as it includes three pencils with different levels of hardness that can be used in various ways to achieve the desired effect on paper or other surfaces.

If you’re looking for reliable drawing pencils that perform well every time you use them, the Colleen Drawing Pencil set will not disappoint!

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3B, 2H, HB


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