Mica 1/2 Lengthwise 80 Leaves 100 x 250 mm


Mica 1/2 Lengthwise 80 Leaves 100 x 250 mm


  • 1/2 Lengthwise
  • 100 mm x 250 mm
  • 80 Leaves
  • 53.3 gsm
  • 7.5mm x 30 lines

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The Mica Quiz Pad 1/2 Lengthwise is the perfect addition to your office stationery and supplies collection.

  • Smooth woodfree paper ensures a seamless writing experience.
  • Made in Japan, this notebook is of top-notch quality.

With its unique dimensions of 100mm x 250mm and a thickness of just over half the regular size, this notebook sets itself apart from the rest. It comes with an impressive count of 80 leaves which provides ample space for writing down notes, ideas or sketches.

  • The notebook has a weight of just over half an ounce or approximately about (53.3 gsm).
  • The pages have ruled lines with dimensions (7.5mm x30 lines).

Whether it’s for your personal use or in professional settings such as meetings or presentations, the Mica Quiz Pad is designed to meet all your needs without compromising on quality.


  • Eye care white shade
  • Smooth woodfree paper
  • Recycable

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