Marker (Artline) Whiteboard Bullet Tip 2.0mm 500A Blue | Black | Red


Marker (Artline) Whiteboard Bullet Tip 2.0mm 500A Blue | Black | Red


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This Artline Marker is perfect for use on whiteboards and other non-porous surfaces. It features a bullet tip with a 2.0mm line width, making it ideal for writing and drawing with precision.

  • Three Color Options: The marker is available in blue, black or red colors to cater to different preferences and needs.
  • Quick Drying Ink: The ink dries quickly, preventing smudging or accidental erasing of the writing while still wet.
  • Bold Writing: With its rich color output, this marker ensures that your writing stands out on the whiteboard for easy visibility from afar.

The Artline Marker is designed to last long with its 2.0mm nib made from reinforced fibre tip that maintains its shape even after repeated use. Its slim barrel makes it easy to grip ensuring comfortability when in use even during long periods of time.

The versatility of this marker makes it a great choice for presentations at work or school as well as other creative activities such as drawing and crafting projects where precision lines are required on non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal or plastic areas


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Black, Blue, Red


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