Led Bulb (NSS) NS-BL12 6500K 12W


Led Bulb (NSS) NS-BL12 6500K 12W

  • 990 LUMEN
  • Long life
  • 80% Energy Saving
  • Samsung LED Inside

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Illuminate your home with the NSS Led Bulb NS-BL12 6500K 12W

Durable: With a long lifespan, this bulb is built to last and will save you money in the long run by avoiding frequent replacements.

Eco-friendly: This bulb is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional bulbs that emit harmful substances into the environment when disposed of.

The NSS Led Bulb Ns-518 3500K will transform your space into an inviting and cozy atmosphere. The warm yellow light it produces is perfect for creating a relaxing ambiance after a long day at work or school. The brightness of this bulb makes it suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms or any other space where you need ample lighting.

The energy efficiency of this LED bulb not only reduces electricity bills but also helps reduce carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. With its eco-friendliness and energy efficiency features combined with its high-quality performance; you can be sure that you are making an environmentally responsible choice when choosing the NSS Led Bulb Long Life Energy Saving Light Up Your World!

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