Crepe Paper (Sino-Harvest) Flourescent 50cm x 200cm – assorted


Crepe Paper (Sino-Harvest) Flourescent 50cm x 200cm – assorted

  • Crepe paper
  • Sino- harvest
  • Assorted Colors
  • Size:  50 x 200 cm

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Elevate your gift wrapping game with Sino-Harvest Crepe Paper Fluorescent 50cm x 200cm.

  • Eye-catching fluorescent colors
  • Generous size of 50cm x 200cm
  • Perfect for gift wrapping or crafting projects

This crepe paper is a versatile addition to your office stationery and supplies. It’s not just for gift wrapping: use it to create colorful decorations, banners, and more!

The Sino-Harvest Crepe Paper Fluorescent roll is made of high-quality material that’s easy to handle and fold. It doesn’t tear easily, so you can create precise folds and shapes without worrying about it falling apart.

  • Brighten up any occasion with this fluorescent crepe paper roll!


  •  Gift wrapping
  • Papercraft
  •  Flower making
  •  Decorations
  •  Stained glass
  • Cut outs
  • Picture making
  • collage

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P35 per 50 packs, P38 per 30 packs, P40 per 10 packs, P42 per 5 packs, P44 per pack


Green, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Peach


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