Corona Prestige Notebook #CPR-7060 Side Padded Large 178 x254 mm 60 Sheets


Corona Prestige Notebook #CPR-7060 Side Padded Large 178 x254 mm 60 Sheets

  • Prestige Notebook
  • Side padded
  • Size: 178 x 254  mm
  • 60 sheets

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The Corona Prestige Notebook 178X254Mm 60S Cpr-7060 is a high-quality math notebook that is ideal for students and professionals alike. With its side padding and sturdy construction, this notebook will help you keep your notes organized and protected.

  • Size: The notebook measures 178 x254 mm, making it a great size for carrying around with you wherever you go.
  • Paper Quality: The pages of this notebook are made from high-quality paper that is perfect for writing on with a pen or pencil.
  • Page Number: There are 60 pages in this notebook, giving you plenty of space to take notes or keep track of your ideas.

The Corona Prestige Notebook also features side padding which helps to protect the pages from damage. This makes it an ideal choice if you carry your notebooks around with you frequently or if they are likely to be bumped around in transit. Additionally, the math ruling on each page makes it easy to write out equations and calculations neatly and accurately.

In conclusion,the Corona Prestige Notebook is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a durable, high-quality math notebook that will help them stay organized while taking notes or jotting down ideas. With its sturdy construction, quality paper stock ,side padded feature supported by Supplier warranty,this book will serve both students as well as professionals effectively making everyday note-taking hassle-free!

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