Bond Paper (Victory) 70gsm Long 500s S-20 lbs


Victory Bond Paper Long 500s S-20 lbs

  • 500 sheets
  •  8.5 X 13 – Long
  •  216 X 330mm
  •  Subs. 20 lbs


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Victory Bond Paper Long 500s S-20 lbs

  • 500 sheets
  •  8.5 X 13 – Long
  •  216 X 330mm
  •  Subs. 20 lbs


> Inkjet
> Offset
> Writing
> Copier
> Fax
> Typewriter
> 2 side copying


This Victory Bond Paper is an essential addition to your office equipment. With 500 sheets included, this 70gsm paper is perfect for a variety of uses.

Long size: measuring at 8.5 x 13 inches (216 x330mm), this paper is ideal for printing longer documents.
Subs.20 lbs: with a weight of 20 lbs, this bond paper ensures your documents are durable and long-lasting.
Versatile use: whether you need to print with laser or inkjet printers, use offset or typewriters, make copies with copiers or fax machines – this bond paper has got you covered!

Double-sided printing: With its ability to be used on both sides, you can save resources and money by minimizing the amount of unused sheets

The Victory Bond Paper (Long-500s S-20 lbs) is an excellent choice for anyone in need of high-quality bond papers that are versatile and reliable!

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