Bond Paper (Copy and Laser) A4 80gsm 500s


Bond Paper (Copy and Laser) A4 80gsm 500s

  • A4
  • 80gsm
  • 500sheets

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Bond Paper for High-Quality Printing

This Bond Paper (Copy and Laser) is an excellent choice for your printing needs. It comes in A4 size, and a weight of 80gsm with a pack size of 500 sheets.

  • High-quality printing
  • Compatible with Copy and Laser machines
  • A4 size (210 x 297mm)
  • Pack of 500 sheets

The bond paper has excellent brightness, whiteness, opacity, and smoothness that delivers high-quality prints with sharp text and vibrant colors.

The paper is compatible with Copy machines as well as Laser printers. You can use it to print documents like flyers, reports or marketing material that require high-quality output.

  • Paper Attributes:
  • Brightness: 92%
  • CIE whiteness: >150%


This bond paper is made from responsibly sourced wood pulp which makes it an environmentally friendly choice. It has good opacity which ensures that prints on both sides are not visible through the other side.

In summary, this bond paper (Copy & Laser) is a premium quality type that allows you to create professional looking prints every time you need them!


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