Bingo Card (HBW) Super 100s-P


Bingo Card (HBW) Super 100s-P

  • Bingo cards
  • HBW
  • 100s

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Looking for a fun group game that everyone can enjoy? Check out the HBW Bingo Card Super! This card game comes with either 50 or 100 sheets, so you can accommodate a large group of players.

Assorted Numbers: The bingo cards have a variety of numbers, ensuring that every game is unique and exciting. Easy to Use: The cards are easy to read and mark off as you play. Plus, the convenient size makes them easy to handle.

Bingo is an age-old favorite for good reason – it’s simple yet engaging. With the HBW Bingo Card Super, you can bring this classic game to your next party or gathering and create memorable moments with friends and family.

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