Ballpen (FlexStick) FOGELB08 0.7mm Black


Ballpen (FlexStick) FOGELB08

  • 0.7mm
  • Black


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Ballpen (FlexStick) FOGELB08

  • 0.7mm
  • Black

The Flex Stick Ballpen 0.5 in black is an excellent choice for those seeking a smooth writing experience.

  • Flexible Design:

The Flex Stick Ballpen is designed to provide maximum flexibility and comfort, making it perfect for extended writing sessions.

  • Smooth Ink:

The smooth ink provides an effortless writing experience, allowing you to quickly jot down notes or write lengthy reports with ease.

  • Variety of Tip Sizes:

You can choose between a 0.5mm or 0.7mm tip size depending on your preference and the type of work you plan on doing.

  • Durable Build Quality:

Built to last, the Flex Stick Ballpen features sturdy construction that ensures it can withstand heavy usage in busy office environments without breaking down easily.

  • Sleek Design: > You will appreciate its sleek design that gives it a professional look while sitting on your desk or tucked away in your pocket when traveling between meetings and appointments.

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