Adventurer Expandable Clear Envelope – Large


Adventurer Expandable Clear Envelope – Large

  • Thick Plastic (highly durable)
  • Large
  • Durable close clip

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The Adventurer Expanding Clear Plastic Envelope E-11-L is perfect for keeping your important documents and papers organized and protected. Made of thick and durable plastic, this envelope is designed to withstand wear and tear, ensuring that your documents are safe at all times.

  • Expanding design: This envelope has an expanding design that allows you to store more documents as needed.
  • Fork clip enclosure: The fork clip enclosure ensures that the envelope stays securely closed, protecting your papers from getting lost or damaged.

The clear plastic material of the Adventurer Expandable Envelope makes it easy to identify what’s inside without having to open it. And because it’s large enough for standard-sized sheets of paper, you can use this durable envelope for a variety of purposes.

  • Versatile usage: Use this clear plastic expanding envelope at work or school as a portfolio organizer or filing system. It can also be ideal for home use as a storage pouch for receipts or other items such as craft supplies

In summary, The Adventurer Expanding Clear Plastic Envelope E-11-L with Thick And Durable construction will keep all your important documents organized and secured while providing easy access with expandable design & fork clip closure . Order now!

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