Nylon Cable Ties (Acamela) 3x200mm 100pcs White


Nylon Cable Ties (Acamela) 3x200mm 100pcs White

  • Acamela
  • 3×200 mm
  • 100 pcs
  • White

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Nylon Cable Ties (Acamela) 3x200mm 100pcs White

Secure your wires and cables with ease using the Acamela Nylon Cable Ties. With a length of 3x200mm, these cable ties are perfect for all your bundling needs.

  • Quantity: This pack includes 100 pieces, ensuring that you have plenty of cable ties for various applications.
  • Color: The white color of these cable ties allows them to blend in seamlessly with most surroundings, making them perfect for home improvement projects.
  • Durable Material: Made from high-quality nylon material, these cable ties are strong and durable enough to securely hold your cables in place without breaking or deteriorating easily.

The Acamela Nylon Cable Ties are also flexible enough to be used in various settings such as home improvement projects or electrical equipment installations. These versatile and reliable cable ties make organizing and securing wires a breeze!

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