(LCT) Stamp Pad Ink – Black Or Blue 30 ML


(LCT) Stamp Pad Ink – Black Or Blue 30 ML

  • LCT
  • Stamp pad Ink
  • Black | Blue
  • 30 ML

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(LCT) Stamp Pad Ink – Black Or Blue 30 ML

  • LCT
  • Stamp pad Ink
  • Black | Blue
  • 30 ML

This (LCT) Stamp Pad Ink in black or blue color comes in a 30ml bottle and is perfect for all your stamping needs.

  • Oil-Free: This stamp pad ink is oil-free, making it ideal for use on any type of paper without causing smudges or stains.
  • Long-Lasting: With a 30ml capacity, this ink bottle will last you a long time and provide you with crisp impressions every time.
  • Vibrant Colors: Choose from black or blue color options to create clear and legible stamps that stand out on your documents.

This Stamp Pad Ink (LCT) Without Oil is the perfect choice for all your office needs. It comes with a long-lasting formula that ensures clear impressions every time without the worry of smudging or staining. The vibrant colors available in black and blue will make sure that your stamps stand out on any type of paper.

The oil-free formula makes this stamp pad ink versatile to use on any paper type without worrying about it causing stains or smudges. Additionally, the 30ml capacity ensures that you get value for money by providing enough ink to last through multiple uses before needing replacement.

  • Ink Color: Black / Blue
  • Versatile

if you are looking for an efficient way to make clear impressions while avoiding staining and smudging issues commonly associated with traditional oils used in other stamp pad inks? Look no further! This Stamp Pad Ink (LCT) Without Oil – available either Black / Blue – along its versatility makes it an ideal choice!

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